Why Should We Care About HTTP/2

We all are aware of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and have been using it for ages. With the change in technology and requirements HTTP had to get upgraded someday. Based on Google’s SPDY protocol HTTP/2 is the new and updated version of HTTP. It mainly aims at the better speed and seamless browsing experience.


HTTP establishes a connection between the users browser and servers host. The sites developed these days mainly contain more images and heavy data and, therefore, take more time to load. HTTP/2 helps faster loading of websites even if you don’t have a great internet connection. Single multiple transfer protocol can be used to send multiple messages which help in improving the browsing experience. Whereas in HTTP/1 only one request could be handled at one time and page load too required more than one connection. Both these issues are taken care in HTTP/2.

The push responses in data transmissions also help in saving time. HTTP/2 transfers data to binary format which helps in faster websites. It also has the provision of header compression which is an important factor in browsing website on mobile.

It should be noted here that several websites and servers are already using HTTP/2.71% browsers support it globally. CloudFlare and WordPress are already supporting it and beta support is available from Google, Akamai and Twitter and Microsoft and Apple have plans to support it. Almost 7% of the websites are already using HTTP/2.

Adapting to HTTP/2 has already started. There is nothing that the user has to do. He only has to take the advantage of the seamless and faster browsing experience which will improve as more and more websites embrace HTTP/2.

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