What is Topical Hub and how it is Useful in SEO

The Topical Hub is a content sharing service on different social profiles and websites like Squidoo.com or HubPages.com these are called as the Web 2.0 sites. The writers create very emerging contents and topics, relevant topics and publish those contents with the back links to the company’s websites or other online sources. The topical hub is all about dragging as much as traffic as possible. As the volumes of the hub pages increases so does the back links. Since search engine giant applied, the new search algorithm update called Google Hummingbird, which is all about the content and hubs

According to hummingbird the users, who is looking for something will be getting the proper answers to their questions in a fully written content not just with facts. This was a major update in the search algorithm and makes companies to create hub pages with the back links, which simply increases the traffic over any online source.

How the Topical Hub works

The web 2.0 sites live on contents, not just articles but word with the meaning to something intents to solve some problem that people are facing. The back links from these sites gives a boost into the page rank. The concept is not just to create content but target the audience and provide them some information.

How it is important for SEO

Well, as the pages are simply use for generating organic traffic, which enhances the onsite SEO values so it is very vital for SEO aspects too because topical pages uses advertisement, content sharing and other tools uses for generating leads. There are proper system to make sure that traffic generates from such pages is organic each writer will be getting hub score, which is a rating from the sites. Overall, there are multiple uses of the hub sites.

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