Video SEO in a Post-Rich Snippet World

Rich Snippets have constantly been the massive part of the video SEO. Google has trolled out a bunch of changes in the mode they treat rich snippets in search results. These shifts usually were to dramatically scale back the popularity of video snippets.

The domain which has got maximum rich snippets this year till august is You Tube. After making this as the overwhelming source of majority of video results in Google search, you will get the maximizing traffic. These are too easy to spam. You can even get video snippets without having a video on page. This is these days are considered as the new paradigm for Video SEO.

It simply affects any video marketing strategy. Majority of businesses is getting a video snippet ranking in universal search by hosting through YouTube. For any prevalent search topic where you are trying to strengthen your brand as a key performer, you should be using YouTube as part of your marketing assortment.

In order to get a high rank in Google and YouTube search some engagements, subscriptions, shares and views need to be generated. Retaining on site engagements is more important than just getting more eyeballs securely hosting videos is the best option.


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