Significance of Accelerated Mobile Page in SEO

Google came up with accelerated mobile page with the aim of having faster mobile internet. Unlike Apple news and Facebook instant articles, anyone can use it and there is no need to enter into a partnership with Google for the purpose. Accelerated Mobile Page or AMP uses revamped form of HTML (AMP HTML) which removes elements like javascript, third party scripts etc which result in slow loading of the website on mobile.


Google claims that AMP page can load almost 15% to 85% faster. They have made the task of using AMP easy by providing a step by step tutorial to guide first-time users. We all know that a mobile friendly website has a better ranking in search engines. Since accelerated mobile page load faster on mobiles they are definitely going to be placed higher up the order. The Google search results mark these AMP websites with a green mark.

However AMP is having an impact on advertisers but one has to understand that a user will anyways not prefer a website which is taking ages to load and hence the question of seeing advertisements on slow loading websites does not arise.AMP also has provision for Google Analytics hence the traffic can be analysed. One has to understand that Google knows the importance of online advertising and will ensure that advertisers don’t suffer. It has included good tools for advertisers in AMP. These include the capability to traffic ads with ad servers of your choice, support for multiple demand sources and formats (including native ads), full control over ads placements, and view ability measurement.

AMP is thus a smart way of search engine optimization and boosting your website on higher ranks in the search engines.

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