Pigeon Proof Reputation Management- Some Cheat Codes Explained

For the ones who always have an eye on what Google is doing, Pigeon will be a well known term and for those who don’t, it is a latest algorithm that has hit the market lately. For the ones struggling hard to establish a strong repute online, it gets imperative to know some cheat codes so that pigeon does no harm. It really does not matter whether you are investing in local SEO or global one, the pigeon wings are set to bother you if you do not keep some simple things in mind.


It is to be known that stopping this pigeon from bothering you is easy; it is just that you need to learn how to deal with this update. It has been seen that local searches are more affected by the pigeon than the others; hence the focus has to be on how to choose the keywords so that the search results come out as unbiased ones. It is to be known that the algorithm will keep in changing and hence you need to go with the wave. Make all possible efforts to ensure that you get known in the searches and for this you can go with Maps.

The focus should be on highlighting your position in the local market as with this Google would know that you are dominating the market. One last thing, ensure that the website does not contain any inconsistencies as these could make way for the pigeon to bother you.

Source: http://www.searchenginejournal.com/8-hacks-pigeon-proof-reputation-management/116545/

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