Moving From HTTP To HTTPS Will Give A Boost To Rakings If Done In The Right Way

Riding high on the search engines is what most of us desire and for this there is nothing better than intelligently done SEO. HTTP has become passé as now internet marketers are considering going in for HTTPs as it is considered to be a lightweight option that would have a great impact on rankings.


If you are a webmaster who wishes to move a site to HTTPS, there are some simple SEO tips that you need to keep in mind as with this the results would start pouring in.

In order to change the site address, you need to follow a set protocol so that you do not get ignored by Google while crawling. Always make sure that the internal links are pointing to HTTPS as this is the basic step that you need to work towards.

Another SEO tip that you need to keep in mind is that all external links too need to point to the new address as this would prevent the spiders from getting confused. You need to make all changes in the address considering all possible links as with this you will be allowing Google to scan only the authoritative pages.

Mapping needs to be done carefully, it is advisable to opt in for a page to page one as with this you can be sure that nothing is missed. One last thing, keep a strict vigil on the webmaster tools and make sure that Google is not facing any trouble reaching to the new address.


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