Benefits of Vernacular Content for SEO


The increase in the number of internet users from rural regions marks a significant change in the patterns of content consumption.

It is now evident that what worked till now is not cutting it anymore. Modes of communication are changing. English is no longer the only language to reach the mass.

Changing Scenario

The 2011 Census records show that only around11% of Indian population are able to speak English to some extent. That still leaves over 85% of our population who are not familiar with the Queen’s language. They thereby choose to engage in other forms of content in their native language.

This massive percentage of non-English speakers has never been a viable target audience for digital marketing companies. But the companies are now catching on to this fact quickly. That is the reason vernacular content is rapidly becoming a point of focus for digital marketing agencies.

Every content writing agency now wants to ride this new wave. They want to expand their reach by widening their target demographics.

How can vernacular content turn the tables on run-of-the-mill English content?

Contrary to popular beliefs, regional content is nowadays witnessing massive growth. They are thus grabbing the attention of digital marketers. Here are a few ways vernacular content can bring about a tide of change in the world of online marketing.

  • Relatable content: A huge percentage of the young population is currently hooked onto the internet and social media. This is increasing demand for fresh content in regional languages, now more than ever. Relatability becomes a major concern especially when the content is in a language you cannot fully understand or speak. Most of the online users lose interest if they don’t find it relatable. Content in their regional languages is going to bridge that gap and make your products a household name.
  • Increased local reach: Using vernacular ads, Content writing agencies can maximize their local reach and speak to their end consumers directly. Vernacular content adds familiarity and is considered to be more believable by online users.
  • Score high on local searches: Studies show that a large percentage of online searches happen in regional languages. A content writing agency can easily get your product up to top search results with their vernacular content and reach a wider audience.
  • Improved content: The quality of your content automatically improves when you are working with your native language. You are better equipped to grasp the regional nuances and inculcate them in your content writing. One can connect with their audience base better. In turn, you are more likely to convert potential leads to loyal customers.

In conclusion

It can’t be denied that English is the Lingua Franca of the modern world. It will always play a key role in this age of globalization. It will be the chief mode of communication for a massive portion of digital content that is being generated. But it does not at all mean that the regional languages are falling back in terms of online content. Content consumption in native language has reached an all-time high with freshly produced vernacular content becoming the primary focus in digital marketing.

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