10 Tips for Image Optimization

Image optimization is one of the important factors in SEO. Image optimization becomes very important in case of E-commerce website to attract shoppers and reduce website load time. Here we have listed 10 tips for image optimization.

  1. Name Your Images Descriptively and in Plain English.
  2. Optimize Your Alt Tags Intelligently
  3. Strategize Your Image Dimensions and Product Angles
  4. Reduce the File Sizes of Your Images
  5. Know Which Image File Type to Use for the Right Situations
  6. Know How To Handle Your Thumbnails
  7. Use Image Site Maps
  8. Beware of Your Decorative Images
  9. Use Caution When Using Content Delivery Networks
  10. Test Your Images-Images per page, Angle of Image etc.

Source: http://www.shopify.com/blog/7412852-10-must-know-image-optimization-tips#axzz2XzofjI2V

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