The internet has completely changed the meaning of advertising and as Google Ranking algorithm is now targeting the social networks to suggest website with great information and rich content. The social media is one of a rapid growing platform for reaching to the exact people that could be interested in your product. The secret is not just jump into the crowd and do whatever everybody doing; instead, it takes a handsome effort to optimize properly the whole strategy. Currently, Instagram is gaining popular among the users, SEO Experts, and companies now targeting the users with media Ads to gain more followers and customers.


It is a social networking platform on which people can upload their photos and also they can do a little editing before uploading right on the Android and iOS App. This also helps the business to take the visual leads by advertising their brands. The photo advertize has taken a special place in advertising industry, it includes an amazing deal of trust and promising benefits lets discuss how you can manage your advertising on instagram.

  1. Make Accounts and Post Professionally: Well, if you are not going to outsource your work then you have to make account on Instagram and manage the account professionally. You need to think about how you want to represent your business in front of people. You can post photos of any event that you company held. You can also post your behind the scene photos that will show how hard, you are working to meet deadlines and achievement. It all makes your followers enjoy and experience actual working. It will simply help you to increase your followers and leads
  2. Photo Upload Schedules:Upload one or two perfectly picked and clicked photos and do not flood your timeline by upload nonsense photos.

Therefore, by managing such things you will be able to generate more leads and gain more customers and leads.